Carpenter Insurance in Shawnee, OK was rated one of the best Car Insurance Agencies located near Edmond for the year 2021!

Great rates and service.

Craig and Sandra H., customer since 2017

Customer service is top notch & you know the honesty of the employees is evident so you trust the services.

Gregg & Suzie J., customer since 2017

I Like their service.

Bertha S., customer since 2017

Customer service is the best I have seen

James and Codi M., customer since 2015

Ken and his staff always work to get the beat rates!!

Phyllis C., customer since 2015

Good people good company

Bonnie L., customer since 2015

You take good care of my account

John H., customer since 2015

You guys are always quick to respond with the greatest answers possible.

Hilary C., customer since 2017

Always willing to help and find what fits our needs best!

Sean and Davi Jo O., customer since 2019

Excellent customer service. And Samantha always searches for the best prices for coverage desired

Heather O., customer since 2020

Tracy was very quick to help me and was very knowledgeable

Green Acres LLC, customer since 2020

Tracy was very quick to help me and was very knowledgeable

Green Acres LLC, customer since 2020

Y’all have been good to us

Keith and Ruby W., customer since 2014

No you guys are great... I'm just never asked about insurance recommendations only reason I did 7. as a company you're a 10 in my books sandy pound manager the brady company

The Brady Company, LLC, customer since 2015

Great insurance

Esteban T., customer since 2020

Because you take care of business

The Brady Company, LLC, customer since 2015

Greg has helped us with any questions/concerns we had with our new business. Always on top of it.

Top Notch Logistics LLC, customer since 2020

great customer service. very happy with their service!

Naesan H., customer since 2018

Since having insurance through yall i have had nothing but good quality service.

Marty R., customer since 2016

You guys have quickly taken care of us when we had a flood a couple years ago. Still appreciate that!

Chris and Terry B., customer since 2017

my dad and mom have had insurance with Carpenters for a while and that's why I came to you. always have done them right. they have told many people to go to you.

Benjamine P., customer since 2020

Always answers questions I might have and resolved any issues. Thanks for your services. Steve

Steve and Patricia O., customer since 2016

You guys are awesome people I love doing business with you guys

Jennifer M., customer since 2019

Because you are the best!

Lana and Harvey D., customer since 2014

Becasue you are all like family!

Jennifer Y., customer since 2016

always friendly and knowledgeable!

Darlene and Arthur H., customer since 2017

Great service very friendly staff we appreciate their dedication and willingness to provide us with the insurance coverage we need for our business

Painting By James LLC, customer since 2017

Carpenters insurance has truly been a blessing in my life they have been there for me, and I will refer anybody to that business thank you all!

Veronica M., customer since 2016

We have, and will continue to recommend Carpenter Insurance Inc to friends and family! We appreciate all the hard work and constant communication from Carpenter.

Justin and Elizabeth S., customer since 2018

Just good help.

Suzanne W., customer since 2016

Samantha Polm always answers my questions and gets back with me even when I'm being annoying

April and Johnny D., customer since 2016

Quality customer service always

Albert & Sarah R., customer since 2016

They have handled all my insurance needs from personal to business for years and I have been happy with there service!

Darrin C., customer since 2013

Samantha is always prompt in her responses and has gone above and beyond to help me when needed.

Melody H., customer since 2016

Informative, polite, and excellent service

Roberto O., customer since 2016

Great service

T Bar M Energy Resources LLC, customer since 2019

Great communication and friendly service

Latonya K., customer since 2020

The rates were amazingly low and customer service was far better than I could have hoped for!

James and Macie B., customer since 2020

The rates were amazingly low and customer service was far better than I could have hoped for!

James and Macie B., customer since 2020

Great agency and family feel.

Nancy P., customer since 2018

Cause every one is always so friendly. And when you walk in you can fell the good atmosphere.

Crystal R., customer since 2017

Caleb is a wonderful insurance guy. He takes care of us. Anything we need he is on it. The rates are affordable. We had a auto accident last October and Caleb guided us all the way thru the process. If the payment is due before my payday they help me out by paying it then I can pay them back on payday. Most Insurance companies don't do that. They actually trust the customers.

David and Shirley J., customer since 2016

Worked to get me the insurance I needed. Great experience!

David and Layla N., customer since 2020

Great customer service

Lana and Clarence H., customer since 2016

Great Service and friendly people.

R&C Verified LLC,, customer since 2016

Everything went fine and I am glad I came in.

Crystal R., customer since 2020

Carpenter Insurance agents have excellent customer service and easily find solutions for all my questions and insurance needs.

Christopher and Keri E., customer since 2016

Love having Christy help with our needs in Insurance. Great Lady!!

Mastering Milestones Child Development Center LLC, customer since 2019