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Whether you are driving a pick-up, an SUV, a van, a sports car, a smart car, a clunker, a compact car, a lemon, a jalopy or a sedan, you deserve to drive it with the peace of mind that an appropriate policy provides. Click above to get your no-obligation car, RV or motorcycle insurance quote free of charge!

About Auto Insurance?

Car insurance helps protect you from financial losses if ever you have an accident. It’s a contract you have with the insurance company, wherein you give your consent to pay the premium, and the insurer agrees to pay your losses according to the terms of the insurance policy. Auto insurance offers medical coverage, liability, and property coverage: 

  • Property insurance covers your car from damage or vehicle theft. 

  • Liability insurance covers your legal liability if you cause physical injury or damage to the property of others. 

  • Medical coverage reimburses you for the costs of treatment and rehabilitation for injuries and sometimes lost wages and funeral costs.

An auto insurance policy incorporates six basic types of coverage. Most states require you to at least purchase coverage for liability. The minimum liability limit currently required in Oklahoma is $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident to cover bodily injuries and $25,000 for property damage.

 If you finance a car, your lender can also require comprehensive coverage as well as for collisions and specify maximum deductibles. Automotive policies last six months or one year. At the time of policy renewal, you have to pay your premium, and your insurance company should inform you by mail. 

Why You Need Auto Insurance:

It’s about covering your financial well-being. If ever you are an accident or face a vehicle theft, it costs a hefty amount to repair or replace it. If you or any passenger in an accident are injured, medical bills can be enormously high.

If you or your car caused injury or damage to other people, you might face a lawsuit for more than you are worth. It is not only is a prudent fiscal decision to have insurance, many states, including Oklahoma, require you to be covered to some degree.

Call us today or click the link below for a quote from your local independent insurance agent. It is our responsibility to provide each of our customers with the cheapest insurance policy we can find with exactly the right coverage. We work closely with several companies to ensure that your policy delivers the best possible value.