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What are Bonds?

A bond is a contract between three different parties: the principal (you), the surety (insurance company), and obligee (the one requiring the bond). These bonds are meant to ensure that an individual, or business, will do the their work in accordance with regulations and specifications.

What are the different types of Bonds?

  •  Contract Performance Bonds: often common in construction
      •  Bid Bonds
      • Performance Bonds
      • Payment Bonds
  • License and Permit Bonds: often required to be licensed in a particular place and agree to be in compliance with laws
      • Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC, General Contractor’s License Bonds, etc. 
  • Public Officials Bonds: often required for those handling public funds
      •  Notary, Treasurers, Sheriffs, Judges, etc. 
  • Probate Bonds: often required if appointed in any of the following positions to help guarantee honesty
      •  Executor, Guardian, Conservator, Trustee, Administrator
  • Other Bonds:

      •  Tax Bonds
      • Utility Bonds
      • Lost Security Bonds
      • Liquor Bonds
      • Plugging Bonds
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What does our agency have to offer?

John R Carpenter Insurance Agency has been supplying reliable insurance solutions since 1954. We have established contracts with multiple carriers. This gives us the opportunity to shop your policies to ensure you are being provided the best options available.

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