Life Insurance

Life Insurance

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What are the different types of Life Insurance? 


There are different types of life insurance, but they are usually divided into two categories: Permanent Insurance and Term Insurance.

Lifelong coverage and Permanent Insurance is synonymous. The entire amount will be paid if you continue to pay the premiums and without any loan, surrender or resignation. Since life insurance is for the entire lifetime, it amasses cash value and might be pricey for you to maintain for a long time.

Term insurance, in contrast, is designed to meet temporary requirements. It provides for a specific time and usually only pays a benefit after your death during the term. If you need coverage that would disappear after a tenure, it will make sense to you. For example, you may determine that you require coverage until your children’s education fees or a debt, like a mortgage, is paid off.

The question, “which type of life insurance is better?” can’t be answered universally because the insurance coverage depends on your specific circumstances and financial objectives.

Just remember one thing, meeting a qualified life insurance professional is the best you can do to learn about the types of life insurance that is suitable for your specific situation.



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