Insurance Coverage for Parking Lot Accident

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Often we become a part of the accident where we are not at fault. Parking lot collisions are one of them. Suppose your car is parked in the lot and another car collided with it. Would that incident come under the insurance coverage you have? In order to give you some information regarding this, we are here with this blog.

In OKC, accidents are quite common for which car insurance is imperative. But, it is under question whether it would come under your insurance claim or not. Well, the accident occurred in the parking lot is similar to the accidents on the road. For the insurance companies as well, it has the same significance as the road accidents do. After the investigation is done, it can come under the basic liability insurance or collision insurance.

Mostly, the car insurance company in OKC accepts the claim no matter who is at fault. If you are in a no-fault state, the insurance claim can be easier. But, you have to determine whether you are at a no-fault state or not. If you have hit the car that is parked safely in a lot, you will automatically be legally alleged as faulty.

There are some set of unique rules for the parking lot collisions. If a car backs into you, the front of your car will obviously hit the back of the other car. This typically indicates that you are at fault. The insurance company can also consider the rules of the parking lot. That can differ from one parking lot to another. Some parking lots have two-ways aisles and some have the one-way aisle. The two-way aisle is considered as thoroughfares and feeder lanes. The first one is connected to the road or highway directly and the second one connects every other lane in the parking lot. In the first one, the lanes need to yield to the drivers; no matter whether there is no ‘stop’ sign.

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If you hit a car in the parking lot, you will be at fault and you need to pay the deductibles. It will raise your premium rates. You will be considered to be at higher risk than the other drivers. The change in the rate may vary from one company to another. If you are in the revert condition, you will not be held as at-fault and the insurance company will pay for your damage.

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