Farm Insurance

What is Farm Insurance?

Farm Insurance can be very similar to homeowners insurance with some additional coverages that will be important to hobby farmers. Farm policies are easily customized to fit your personal needs depending on your farm. 

Some common coverages you might see on a Farm policy include: 

  • Residence: Covers your home, including additions and built-in components. 
  • Private Structures: Covers unattached structures related to your home. Also applies to fences, driveways, sidewalks, and other permanently installed outdoor fixtures, within 250 feet of the residence. 
  • Personal Property: Covers household property owned by or in the care of the insured. There are Special Limits for some items (money, securities, watercraft, jewelry, etc.), which can be personalized for your specific needs. Some coverage is available for outdoor antennas, well pumps, and private power and light poles. 
  • Additional Living Costs or Loss of Rent: Covers increased living costs and loss of rent or fair rental value when a covered loss makes the insured premises unfit for use. 
  • Barns, Buildings and Other Structures: Covers barns, bins, buildings and other structures, including attached sheds and fixtures, additional farm dwellings, silos, and portable buildings. 
  • Farm Personal Property: Coverage can be “scheduled” or “unscheduled,” for items of farm personal property, both on and off premises. Examples are, but not limited to: machinery, livestock, rented or borrowed equipment, hay in the open and in buildings, and grain in buildings. 
Additional coverages you might see, or add, on a Farm policy include:
  • Livestock Coverage
  • Hay Coverage
  • Rented or Borrowed Machinery
  • Equipment Coverage
  • Animal Collision
  • Damage to Property of Others
  • Overspray Coverage
  • Refrigerated Products
  • Electronic Devices, Accessories, etc. 
  • Cab Glass Breakage (non-named perils)
  • Replacement Machinery

The best way to determine what coverages are needing for your farm is to get a free, no-obligations, consultation from John R. Carpenter Insurance today. Simply fill out the following form to get started with a representative. 

What does our agency have to offer?

John R Carpenter Insurance Agency has been supplying reliable insurance solutions since 1954. We have established contracts with multiple carriers. This gives us the opportunity to shop your policies to ensure you are being provided the best options available.



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