When Should I Change Home Insurance Companies?

Rates increased beyond tolerance.  Claims not handled to your satisfaction.  Bad customer service.  No access to web services.  Insurance inspector kicked your dog.  There could be any reason why one might want to change to a different home insurance company.  Maybe you find out you can have more home coverage for the same price.  Or you learn you can have a thorough agent like our own agents here at Carpenter.  (Shameless plug here.) 

But the question is “When is the best time to change homeowner’s insurance companies?”  So I won’t keep the suspense going any longer.  This wise answer comes from Caleb Wonn, one of our personal lines agents. “The best time is at least 45 days before the renewal date.  If it’s escrowed, this will give the bank time to take care of the bill before it renews.  If there is an inspection, it gives you time to make sure you want to agree to any new company requirements.”

Of course, for all of my fellow procrastinators out there, you can wait until the last minute and make a homeowner’s insurance change.  It’ll just be a little more hassle, possibly more problematic and maybe even cause a small lapse coverage.  Stress – I’m gonna try not to go there.  45 days – setting my calendar.

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