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What is workers’ comp?

Workers’ compensation legislation has been established to ensure the granting of fixed monetary awards to employees injured at work. It removes the need for litigation and makes the process easier for employees. It also helps control employers’ financial risks because many states cap the amount an employer must pay to injured employees.

Workers’ compensation insurance is intended to assist companies in paying such benefits. For employee protection, most states require employers to have some form of compensation insurance for the staff. Compensation insurance is not medical insurance. It is explicitly designed for work injuries.

You are obligated to provide worker’s compensation coverage in many states including Oklahoma if you have employees. It can be an excellent idea even in states where it is not required especially if there are many employees or the work is especially hazardous.

Is workers’ compensation insurance for me?

Employers should be responsible for keeping their staff safe whether they work in heavy industries in OKC or on farms near Bristow or Stroud. However, even if every reasonable measure of safety has been taken, accidents still occur.

In almost every state, companies are required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance to protect employers against lawsuits in the event of workplace accidents and to cover medical treatment and compensation for loss of income to employees affected by accidents at work. Employee compensation insurance covers workers injured at work, whether they are injured at work or anywhere else while on the job. It also includes occupation-related illnesses.

Workers compensation pays back for the lost time, medical and rehabilitation services to any injured workers, regardless of who was at fault. Also, it provides surviving spouses and other dependents with death benefits of the workers as well.

Every state has its own specific law for governing the duration and amount of benefits for lost income, as well as medical and rehabilitation. For instance, each state will have regulations deciding whether the employer or employee can choose the doctor for treatment or how to settle benefits disputes.

Even though policies for in-home businesses and business owners policies (BOP) are sold as packages, workers’ injuries are not covered so workers’ compensation insurance must be purchased as a separate policy.




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