Restaurant Insurance

What insurance is needed for a Restaurant?

Insurance for Restaurants can vary within the industry as to what specific policies are best for your business. Listed below are some common coverages that a business might need in the industry. 
  • General Liability covers you and your company for claims involving bodily injuries and property damage resulting from your products, services or operations.
  • Commercial Property helps to cover your company’s physical assets, such as your building.
  • Business Personal Property helps cover your moveable property, such as computers and furniture.
  • Business Interruption insurance helps replace lost income and other expenses incurred when affected by a covered peril. 
  • Spoilage coverage can help reimburse contaminated perishable goods. Example: power outages causes your fridge and freezer contents to spoil.
  • Liquor Liability helps protect a business that sells or serves alcohol. This can help cover claims of bodily injury or property damage done by an intoxicated person after a company served them alcohol.
  • Worker’s Compensation could also be needed if you have employees.
  • An additional optional coverage to consider is Cyber Security.
Each situation and Restaurant is different and unique, so a consultation with us is the best way to find the specific coverages your business needs. Consultations and quotes are always free, with no-obligations, so click “Get a Quote” below to get started with us today.  

What does our agency have to offer?

The John R Carpenter Insurance Agency has been supplying reliable insurance solutions since 1954. We have established contracts with multiple carriers. This gives us the opportunity to shop your policies to ensure you are being provided the best options available.



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