General Liability Insurance


General liability insurance is an essential type of insurance policy for businesses to protect you and your business against a range of liability claims involving injury and property damage.

Following are some of the coverage areas of general liability insurance, and what benefit you can gain from investing with us in your own policy.


Coverage Areas

You and your company need liability insurance coverage for bodily injuries and damage cause by your products, services or operations. A policy may also cover you if you bear liability for any damage to the property of others if in your possession.

In short, the coverage area revolves around:

  • Physical injury

  • Property damage

  • Advertising injury

  • Legal defense costs

On the other hand, general liability insurance does not cover injuries to employees, car accidents, or manufacturing or professional mistakes.


When you invest in a general liability insurance policy, consider the following:

  1. The chances of an injury claim increase if you regularly meet customers face to face or they visit your place of business.

  2. Accidents can still take place regardless of your confidence in all aspects of your operations. You can rest easy, knowing that you have protection in case of an unfortunate incident, by ensuring you have adequate coverage.

  3. Sometimes, it is difficult to guard against actions of employees or staff. This includes simple things like slander or a serious incident like property damage or injuries. In some cases, such third-party claims could be covered by your insurance policy. Sometimes, however, a special provision or even a separate policy may be needed.

  4. The security of your data is crucial. If your company maintains customer information, including names, addresses and social security information, an insurance policy for general liability is essential. Many policies now include the provision of electronic data security to protect your company in case of hacking.

  5. A general liability insurance policy could help you close more contracts if you regularly large deals. The reason is that many companies require coverage before you bid or finalize an agreement. You are one step ahead of the competition by having your policy in place already.

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