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You care about your business. We will assist you with cover for your cars, general liability and insurance needs for workers.


What is business insurance?

Commercial Auto

If you are a business owner, you will need the insurance coverage for the car you use in your business as your car for personal use for coverage against collision, liability, medical payments, and uninsured motorists. Many people do not use separate vehicles for commercial and personal purpose. If you are using the car for business, make sure that the policy clearly shows the name of the company as the “principal insured” and not your name. It will help avoid possible disarrays in the event of filing a claim, or when an application is filed against you.

No matter if you need to invest in a commercial auto insurance policy or something else, it will vary on to your driving style. A reliable insurance agent will inquire about the details such as the use of vehicles in your business if the drivers are licensed and drive their cars and many others.

While the primary coverage is identical, an enterprise car policy in many technical respects differs from a personal car policy. Ask your insurance agent for all differences and options to be explained.

General Liability

In general, you have an exclusion for corporate liability if you have a personal liability policy for the coverage. Ensure that you have enough coverage of auto liability.

Sadly, the chances to sue each company owner in the last decade have increased dramatically. General liability insurance prevents a financial disaster by providing financial aid for any damage or injury that your Oklahoma business files.

Liability shall pay losses incurred by you or your business as a result of actual or presumed bodily harm, property damage or personal injury. Carpenter Insurance’s liability programs, with extended coverage and limits in over 30 areas, far go beyond the provisions of the typical policy.

Broad Range of General Liability Protection

  • Body injury, including medical and care cost, service loss and reimbursement for death resulting from injury.

  • Asset damage protection for physical damage or loss of value for the property.

  • Products-Completed Transactions protect liability where the injury has ever been the result of your company’s performance or service.

  • The Product Liability Insurance is specialized in protecting your company from product-related injury or accidents.

  • Contractual liability covers every liability that you can accept through the conclusion of different contracts.

Other coverage includes:

  • Sensible Use of Force

  • Vehicles which are not owned.

  • Equipment those are Borrowed

  • Lightning, Fire, or Explosion Damage

  • Protection for Water Damage Liability

  • Legal Costs

  • Medical costs

  • Advertising Injury

  • Personal Injury

  • Insurance for Liquor Liability

  • Exceptional liability protection for particular types of business.

Workers Compensation

Employee compensation legislation has been established to ensure that employees injured at work receive fixed monetary awards. It obviates the need for legal proceedings and makes the employee’s process easier. It also helps to reduce employers’ financial risks, as many states restrict the amount that an injured employee can get from the company.

Compensation insurance for workers is designed to support the payment of these benefits by companies. As employee protection, most states require employers to have some forms of compensation insurance for workers. It is not health insurance. It is designed explicitly for injuries in the workplace.

In most states, you must cover the compensation of the employees if you own a business. It can be an excellent idea, especially if you have many employees who are active in dangerous activities, even in non-compulsory states.

Do I need workers compensation insurance?
It is a legal obligation for the employers to make the workplace safe for their employees. However, accidents can occur at any point in time, even if reasonable safety action is taken.

In almost all states, companies are required to buy employers’ compensation insurance to protect them from work-related accident lawsuits and to provide medical care and compensation to workers who are injured in work-related accidents. Employee compensation insurance covers workers injured in the workplace. It also includes occupational diseases.

Employee compensation shall provide compensation for loss of time from work, medical and rehabilitation services to injured workers, regardless of who was to blame for the accident. It also offers surviving spouses and dependents death benefits.

Each state has different laws governing income losses, the provision of medical, rehabilitation and the system’s management. In most countries, for instance, rules to dictate whether the employee is able to choose the expert doctor who can handle the injuries and if the disputes about benefits are resolved.

Compensation insurance for workers should be purchased as a separate policy. Although policies( BOPs) are sold in- home and business owner packages, they do not cover injuries to employees. 


What Our Agency Offers You

For over 50 years, the John R Carpenter Insurance Agency has been supplying reliable insurance solutions. We have established contracts with multiple carriers. It gives us the opportunity to shop your policies to ensure you are being provided the best coverage available while maintaining reasonable premiums.