Do I qualify for an insurance discount?

We all love a good discount, especially insurance agents! You may not realize that there are discounts that can be applied to your insurance premium to help lower the rate. Keep reading to see if you find one that may apply to you…

Some really common insurance discounts you may have heard about before include: 

  • Multi-Car Discount: This discount can help you save when you insure more than one vehicle on a policy. 

  • Paid In Full Discount: This discount can help you save when you pay your policy terms full premium up front. 

Caleb Wonn (Stroud Office): My favorite discounts are telematics discounts. They are apps that read data about how you drive, allowing you the opportunity to earn a major discount on your policy. These apps are free and are offered by most of the major insurance companies. 

Samantha Polm (Stroud Office): My favorite discount is the “Good Student” discount. Adding teen drivers to your auto policy can often cause a premium increase. That’s why I love to ask if your teens have good grades (A/B average, or 3.0 GPA or higher) because it can often help lower the impact of your increased premium.  

Brandi Carpenter (Shawnee Office): My favorite discount is the “Multi-Policy” discount. I like to be able to know that you are covered in multiple different ways with the correct amount of coverage for your situation. 

Lexi Frey (Shawnee Office): My favorite discount is the “EFT or Electronic Funds Transfer” discount. Sometimes it can be difficult to remember when your payment is due, or difficult to make it in the office to pay on time, so setting up on EFT saves both of us time and most importantly, saves you money.

Destiny Kissee/Scott (Bristow Office): My favorite discount is with Safeco and it’s called “Right Track.” This program earns your policy a minimum of 5% discount with the possibility of 30% off your auto policy just for installing and using for 90 days. 

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